For information about membership options, please call 805-648-5161, during our current hours.  You may also contact us by email at
We are happy to schedule a time with you that you can take a look at our facilites and find out more about membership! 
Uh-oh, does that mean you'll get locked in a sales room? Don't worry! We don't even have any sales people. Drop by the Club and a Member Services Staff  will be happy to show you around and explain membership options. To see the PRC is to appreciate it.
A variety of membership options are available.
Our traditional memberships have an initiation/ join fee and monthly dues based on the type of membership you choose. We offer memberships for individuals, couples/two individuals and families, as well as a young adult membership for ages 18 - 29.
We also offer trial memberships as a one time option to try out the Club.
In addition, we have Membership Specials that come up once in a while and can be viewed on our Current membership Specials sub page listing to the right.