The PRC offers a unique variety of services that cater to people of all ages, genders and fitness levels. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength and stamina, continue rehab, improve flexibility, or reduce stress, you will find a fitness and wellness service that can help you achieve your goals. Some of our services include a gym orientation, personal training sessions, group fitness classes, nutritional consultations, private yoga practice, fitness programs and workshops. These services are designed to help you develop healthy habits, improve your mind, body, spirit, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

PRC Fitness & Wellness Services

Fitness Assessments

We offer comprehensive fitness and lifestyle assessments to get members off to a great start on their path to better health and wellness while increasing overall fitness level in a safe and productive way!
  • An assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s physical condition, which helps determine their current fitness level, set goals, and create an appropriate exercise plan. Some of those assessments that we offer may consist of a Health History and Lifestyle Questionnaire, InBody (Body Composition Analysis), Body Composition Analysis, Cardiovascular Fitness Assessment, Muscular Strength & Endurance Testing, Flexibility Assessment, Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Goal Setting, Nutritional Guidance, Exercise Recommendations, or Safety Considerations.
  • The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Assessment is way to analyze movement patterns. It helps identify limitations or asymmetries that may increase risk of injury, and bad movement patterns.

Why take the InBody test?

To understand your weight. Body composition is a method of breaking down your body into its core components. It gives you a more in-depth understanding of your weight and health.

The InBody Test is a more accurate measurement of your weight and health than BMI because it divides your weight into fat, muscle, and water. It tells you exactly what you’re losing, gaining, or maintaining.

  • Measure your strength
  • Manage your fat
  • Monitor your water
  • Track inflammation
  • Set your goals
  • Prevent health risks

Discover how many pounds of muscle you have distributed in your arms, legs and trunk. Understand body fat distribution throughout the body and monitor any health risks. Learn about your body water balance as it plays a vital role in moving nutrients and wastes into and out of the cells and if there is any type of inflammation or water retention due to injuries, disease, aging, high sodium diets, low muscle mass or any other factors.

5 Ways That Improving Your Body Composition Can Decrease Your Risk For Chronic Conditions – (Learn More)


  1. Individual Personal Training (one person)
  2. Semi-Private Personal Training (two people)
  3. Small Group Personal Training (three to four people)
  4. Nutrition Coaching & Personal Training (combined coaching)
  5. Behavior & Lifestyle Coaching

Group Exercise Classes

We offer a variety of options for our members to try different types of workouts to find what they enjoy the most. Our group exercise classes can be an alternative or addition to personal training sessions, and are a great way to stay motivated, improve fitness levels, and have fun while working out. All your “Boutique Studios” are here!

Professional Wellness Services

We’re committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters growth, learning, and transformation. Check out our exclusive workshops:

Complimentary Fitness Orientation

Our PRC Fitness Specialists are available during scheduled hours to provide top notch instruction on equipment usage and to develop a personal fitness plan for our members. Get started today!