Trial & Gift Memberships

3 MONTH TRIAL MEMBERSHIP ~ Membership to a Club is a big decision. But at the PRC we make it easy!  Try the Club for three months - on a Trial Membership! Whether as a Single, a Couple/two individuals or a Family; you can enjoy all the amenities we have to offer!   (Trial Membership is limited to one time only.)                                                                      

A Three Month Single Trial Membership is $650 and Couple/Family $850. Trial memberships offer the recipient A 30% discount off the membership Initiation Fee when you convert to a regular membership after the trial is completed! How can you lose?  Drop by any day between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm for a friendly Club tour!                                                                                              

Call 805-648-5161 for the Membership Deptartment to set an appointment to enroll in membership!  A great gift idea any time of the year!