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At the Pierpont Racquet Club, we conduct a number of programs, in an effort to get our members involved and keep fitness fun!  We offer special programs throughout the year to keep you motivated and to change things up a bit!

The Microfit Fitness Assessment and FMS Movement Screenings, are two ways that our members fitness level can be evaluated by one of our Fitness Specialists, to help members get off to a great start on their path to better health & wellness while increasing overall fitness level in a safe and productive way!
PRC members can contact one of our Fitness Specialists for a one on one appointment!  Call 805-648-5161 to get started!

  • Microfit Wellness and Fitness Assessment: The future of fitness assessment is here! Set up an appointment with one of our qualified trainers for a comprehensive fitness and lifestyle assessment. Along with an objective overview of your lifestyle habits, we can also measure your aerobic fitness (estimated VO2 max), body fat percentage, flexibility, strength, and blood pressure. Members receive an initial complimentary mini-fitness assessment and Wellness profile upon joining.  A full Microfit assessment is available for a fee.  Proper assessment is the best way to assure your fitness program is helping you achieve your goals! (Available to PRC members only). Initial Evaluation and Program Design $75. Re-Assessment $40.
  • Functional Movement Screening.  Let our specialist assess your imbalances in movement and evaluate the proper movements and exercises to correct them.  $75.

Racquet Sports Aquatics Fitness & Wellness Kid's Club In The Community

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