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Pool Use Guidelines

General Pool Times

The pools open when the club opens, and closes 15 minutes prior to club closing.  

Rules & Regulations of Pool and Whirlpool Usage.

Pool Usage:

      •  Please remember that the "buddy system” is in effect at all times.  We recommend that you never swim alone. There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty.

      *Junior swimmers, under 14, must be directly & attentively supervised by an adult, 18 or older, at all times with exception of supervised swim or swim lesson. Non-swimmers must have an adult swimmer in the pool assisting them.

      •  All individuals must shower before entering the pool or whirlpool.

      •  Each lap lane in the indoor pool can accommodate two swimmers if caution and common sense are exercised.  In general, lap swimmers have priority in the two lap lanes nearest the windows.  Non-lap swimmers and children have priority in the other (wider) lane near the stairs.

      •  Lap lanes in the outdoor pool can accommodate at least 2 swimmers (3 or more if circular swimming is in effect).

      •  The lane dividers in the pool delineate swim lanes as well as reduce wave action.  Do not sit on or otherwise provide strain on the lane dividers as they will break.  Removal of the lane lines by members is not allowed.  Anyone found abusing the lane dividers or any pool equipment will be subject to possible restriction of membership privileges

     •  The PRC pools can only accommodate a limited number of people. It is essential that users be considerate of the needs of others and courteous to all.  To avoid accidents from overcrowding, there are times when one must wait to enter the pool. 

      •  In consideration of other swimmers, we ask that all lap swimmers limit their swimming to 30 minutes when others are waiting.

      •  Swim diapers are required for all "at risk” of an accident.

      •  No running, splashing, or horsing around. 

      •  No diving except under the supervision of an instructor.

      •  No glass containers are allowed on Club grounds. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the pool area.

      •  No food is allowed in the indoor pool complex.

      •  No playing with kickboards, bouys or hard balls in the pool areas.

      •  Only small personal flotation devices are allowed in the pools.

      •  All swimmers are asked to please dry off before exiting the pool area.

      •  Persons found abusing any of these guidelines or disturbing others’ use of the pool area by not practicing courtesy may be subject to restriction of membership privileges.

Pool Heating:

The PRC pools are heated by gas and assisted by solar heating.  Our policy is to keep the indoor pool at a minimum of 82 °to 84° degrees and the outdoor at a minimum of 79° to 81° degrees.

Weather may have an influence in pool temperature.  During the early morning hours the pools will generally be at their coolest.  Swimmers who have a preference for a particular temperature should keep this in mind if they wish to schedule their swimming to take advantage of particular temperatures.  We regret the temperature variance associated with solar heating, but in an effort to conserve our natural resources we find our present system very good while at the same time providing a comfortable temperature.

Swim Lessons and Dolphin Swim Club:

The PRC offers private, semi-private and group lessons year round at various times during which swimming in the large section of the indoor pool will be limited. Upon joining, new members are offered a swim lesson discount coupon. Please contact the Aquatics Director to utilize the coupon.

Our Dolphin Swim Club is for children that can swim both freestyle and backstroke a full length of the outdoor pool and enjoy the camaraderie of swimmers their age.

Aquatic Exercise Classes:

Special water classes are offered throughout the week.  When these classes are in progress the indoor pool and whirlpool use may be limited (based on class size).  A lane will be available for lap swimming.   Please contact the Service Desk for information on class times.  Some classes are subject to an added fee.  (Please be courteous to the classes while in session.)

Pierpont Porpoise Club:

PRC lap swimmers who swim more than 50 miles during the course of the Porpoise Calendar Year (Mar.1st - Feb. 28th) are inducted into the Porpoise Club. A log of swimming mileage is located in the Club Lobby for swimmers to tally their own distance monthly to ensure correct mileage and to get a total at the calendar year end. The indoor pool is 50' long (17 years); 52.8 laps (105.6 lengths) to the mile. The outdoor pool is 75' feet (25 yards); 35.2 laps (70.4 lengths) to the mile. 

Whirlpool Usage:

The whirlpool is a popular retreat for adults wishing to relax and to relieve their aching muscles.  The whirlpool is designed for adult usage.  

Children under 14 are not permitted in the whirlpool unless directly supervised by a responsible adult.  The whirlpool is maintained from 102° - 104° degrees.  The maximum temperature allowed by state law is 104° degrees.

      •   The PRC recommends that individuals not sit in the whirlpool for longer than 5 minutes at one time.          

       •   Individuals should not utilize the whirlpool while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the whirlpool or pool areas.

      •   Elderly persons, pregnant women, infants, or those with heart conditions requiring medical care should consult a physician before entering the whirlpool.

       •   Individuals under 75 pounds should use the whirlpool only briefly and never submerge their head.

Racquet Sports Aquatics Fitness & Wellness Kid's Club In The Community

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