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Personal Training

The PRC is proud to offer qualified personal training by professionals in the field of exercise science. Whether you would like to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, rehab from injury, or improve your sports performance, our professional staff of trainers can tailor an exercise program to specifically help you reach personal fitness goals. Take advantage of this valuable service by scheduling an appointment with a Trainer to develop your one-on-one personalized training program.

Personal Training Fees

Please contact one of our personal trainers with any questions regarding hourly fees and/or billing procedures.

Micro-fit Fitness Profiles

The PRC is happy to offer computer assisted fitness assessments. Our Micro-Fit testing equipment measures resting heart rate, blood pressure, flexibility, strength and endurance, body fat percentage, and cardiovascular conditioning. Your test information is stored for later comparison and test results are printed out in relation to national averages.  Contact PRC Fitness Director, Jon Osumi, to schedule an appointment.

Member Testimonial:

I’ve struggled with my weight all my adult life…   I knew I had to do something about it”      -Patrick

I have been working with Patrick for the past 6 months and I am very proud of him for all the effort he has put in, I can see great improvement today.  Patrick came to me for weight loss and I was happy to take on this journey with him from the start. My priority as a trainer is to get my clients to move well and efficiently, so I like to start with a functional movement screening, FMS system, and go from there. I saw mobility limitations and weaknesses that needed correcting before loading his body with weights.  I do this with every client, they move better and they get stronger for the long run.  It has truly been a great journey with Patrick, he’s become more in tune with his biomechanics and to me that’s a great accomplishment.  And yes, as a result, he keeps dropping weight and getting closer to his goals.  He has been consistent, committed and puts in the work in every single session.  He’s great! It has been fun working with him and getting to know him on a personal level too. I have no doubt he’s become   active for life.”               -Melinda


I love to swim and that’s what brought me to PRC originally, and I lost 30 lbs. the first 6 months. But I hit a plateau and my motivation started to slip.   I decided to commit to a personal trainer and honestly, if I hadn’t done that I think I would have slipped back.   With Melinda I get motivation, accountability and new challenges every time we meet for a training session. She encourages me when I need it, and pushes me to where I need to be to make progress.  I have lost 76 lbs. in the 18 months I have been at the Club. I am in the best shape I have ever been in, and have a great level of energy, and most importantly, I have made it  my personal lifestyle to exercise!  I look forward to it every day!”     -Patrick


Racquet Sports Aquatics Fitness & Wellness Kid's Club In The Community

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